Unidentified italian stations.
There is an unlisted station on 1359 kHz that I daily monitor while commuting to the office. They are located south of Milano, somendirection finding with a portable receiver suggests Siziano area, but I am not 100% sure. Their programs are quite odd: mornings they transmit endless philosophical talks (the concept of time according to Spinoza, etc…) while in the afternoon they switch to rap music. I don’t know if they are active also at night or during weekends, they are too weak to
be heard from my home. Up to now no IDs at all.

Another station appeared since a month or so on 1575, irregularly active but since three days it seems to be always on. They transmit no stop music ( jazz, folk, easy listening, etc.), but again no IDs. I don’t know if it is the same station that appeared a few months ago on 1485 with an endless carillon, and disappeared after few days. I hope to DF them in the next days,  if they keep on transmitting. It is however not far from here, since it can be heard quite well during daytime.

Vittorio some km out of Milano (2023-04-24)