United Kingdom

Radio Caroline has its own YouTube channel.
Last weekend Radio Caroline again broadcast live from the Ross Revenge from Blackwater Estuary. On that occasion, the station also launched its own channel on YouTube . In a first video, Josh Holmes-Bright, Caroline’s most talented addition since last year, gives a tour of the ship, which is currently being crowdfunded , with the aim of bringing it to dry dock within a few years and thoroughly restoring it for the following decades. 
Recently, the British ITV News also published an item about this, with a reporter live from the Ross Revenge. That contribution has now also surfaced on YouTube . The crowdfunding via Crowdfunder has – with ten days to go – currently passed £86,000 (apart from £57,000 from a similar promotion last year). As soon as the Caroline charity has enough demonstrable donations, the organization wants to apply for grants, through agencies such as the British Lottery, to finance the rest of the renovation costs. The cost of a permanent repair is estimated at roughly half a million pounds, although there is in fact no ‘upper limit’.

Nico, Gouda HOL (2023-05-08)