Allouis [162 kHz] power reduction tests.
ANFR, the French spectrum management authority, have just announced the following :

“According to the law (…), ANFR’s mission to manage the French legal time terrestrial wireless broadcasting includes the task of optimizing the technical means used for this broadcast. As a part of this mission, the Agency considers reducing the transmission power from 800 kW to 300 kW during daily time slots. For this purpose, they are going to perform tests and observe whether Allouis station’s energy consumption could be significantly decreased.
In order to perform this test, preliminary works will be necessary, which will cause service interruptions, identical to the weekly interruption that usually happens on Tuesday mornings. There interruptions will take place between 0600 and 1000 UTC (8-12 AM local) on the following days :
– Thursday, May 25th;
– Thursday, June 1st;
– Wednesday, June 7th ;

Test transmissions at various power levels will be done during these periods, the signal could therefore be available on an irregular basis.
If these preliminary works are succesful, a regular low power pattern will take place in the 25th week, from June 19th to June 26th, the pattern being announced during the previous week.

The tests will be supervised by ANFR for their whole duration, you can report any issue or any information that you might consider useful, by sending an e-mail containing at least :
– your organization’s name;
– your full name;
– your telephone number;
– your role;
– the nature and severity of the issue;

In case of a major malfunction, the experiment could be aborted and the nominal transmitting power of 800 kW would then be quickly restored.

You are invited to forward this information to anyone who could be affected by these experimentations, in order to favour reports during the test and contribute to its success.”

73 Vincent F4HPZ (2023-05-17)