Re. Czechia
According to the translation, they found a user for Liblice, although the 1500 kW Tesla TX has been dismantled last year.
I don’t know who will rent Liblice and I don’t know which TX they will use.

(translated from Czech / Ed)
“České Radiokomunikace found a customer who is interested in continuing AM broadcasting from the Central Bohemian transmitter Liblice. Therefore, legendary masts will not be broken.
Miloš Mastník, CEO of the operator, announced this at the Innovation Day conference. Yesterday, he communicated the same information to the mayor of Český Brod and the chairwoman of the Association of Friends of Liblice, Irena Kuklová.
A contract for broadcasting the signal was concluded with one of the nationwide commercial radio stations.
“Given that the transmitters are part of critical infrastructure, the owner seeks financial support from the state for the operability of this equipment in the future. In 2025 or 2026, the transmitter will need a very expensive replacement of the mooring ropes,” the city of Český Brod reported on its website.
The Liblica flagpoles measure 355 meters, they are the tallest building in the republic.”

Marco (2023-25-19)