COHIRADIA now provides a wideband IQ-recording of the complete medium wave band between 20:51 and 21:49 UTC which contains ca 1 hour of the historical transmission of Radio Dechovka from Zbraslav at 1233 kHz. As reported by Kai Ludwig (May 15) this was the last transmission from this site in the context of the 100th anniversary of Czech radio.

In addition a sub-band version between 1150 and 1275 kHz with a length of 216 min. has been provided by Walter Barteczek. Between 21:00 and 22:43 there is a documentation about ‘100 years of regular broadcasting in Czechia’.
The data files can be downloaded, played back and tuned through digitally with SDRs. Analogue playback and tune-through is also possible on classical/historical radio receivers with antenna jack when using e.g. the RedPitaya-based platform supported by COHIRADIA
Interested radio collectors and amateurs are invited to step by and have a look.

Hermann Scharfetter, OE6TWF ( (2023-05-21)