Sri Lanka

(Translated from French)
Following the development of DRM on medium waves in India, many Indian listeners have been asking Colombo International Radio, the international service of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), to increase the airtime of its Tamil DRM service in India.

This program has just passed at two hours (01:30 to 03:30 UTC), on 873 kHz. It’s transmitted by two coupled 200 kW Nautel transmitters and a three-matt direct antenna pointing north. Broadcast Centre is located at Pahlavi Puttalam. (07°58’35″N 79°48’08″E).

A second transmitter will soon broadcast the same program in DRM at 1548 kHz. This will be done using the old Deutsche Welle transmitter located in northern Sri Lanka at Trincomalee (8°44’55″N 81°07’15″E).

This transmitter was installed in April 1985, it is two 300 kW S7HP units coupled, allowing for 300, 400 or 600 kW broadcast. The antenna consists of two masts headed north-east. The transmitters were upgraded and adapted for DRM transmissions by Welle in 2007 and handed over to SLBC in 2012.

Michel Fremy, Radio Magazine FB group (2023-06-09)