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University Radio York switching of 1350 kHz with an 8 hour tribute.

UK: 1350AM: The Last Hurrah!
Sunday, 25 Jun 2023, 10:00
Listen as URY presenters from over the years return for one final broadcast on 1350AM.
University York Radio waves goodbye to AM transmission. 22/06/2023
By Nadia Sayed

On Sunday, 25 June 2023, University Radio York, the university’s student-run radio station, will be switching off its AM transmitter for the final time after having it on for 55 years.he station has been broadcasting to students at the University of York since 1968, utilising different AM frequencies. 1968 was also the year which saw the station become the first legal independent radio station in the whole of the UK. […] 
Shortly before the turn of the millennium, URY moved onto 1350 AM and has stayed at this AM ever since.
After completing a one-year trial during the 2021-2022 academic year, Ofcom approved URY’s FM Restricted Service Licence to cover campus for five years until August 2027.
Harvey Mellor, who is Station Manager at URY, said, Broadcasting on AM has been an important part of URY’s image and sound for more than five decades. With AM radios now used less and less, broadcasting on FM and online is the way forward. […]

URY has a rich history of pioneering broadcasting, commencing under a test licence as Radio Heslington in 1967, becoming Radio York in 1968 and culminating in 1969 as the first fully-licensed legal independent radio station in the UK with an inaugural broadcast by John Peel.
Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to receive numerous awards, including BBC Radio 1 Student Station of the Year in 2005, and many awards from the Student Radio Association.
At URY we cover a large range of campus events including Student Union Elections, but we also host our own charity events, such as the 40-hour broadcast in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support back in March 2013, where we raised over £1,800. In June 2016, we went a step further and hosted URY’s longest ever show “URY 101”, live from Greg’s Place for 101 hours, all in aid of Yorkshire Cancer Research raising a massive £1,700.
We pride ourselves at URY for running all the technical aspects of the radio station ourselves. In summer 2015, the internal audio routing was completely overhauled and converted to audio over IP by the engineering team in a project known as “Beat the Buzz”.
In 2018 we were awarded a grant by the University of York of £40,000 to upgrade our studios and upgrade them we did. Brand new audio equipment, a total interior re-design, and fancy red/blue colour schemes to match, the 40K project, completed Christmas 2019 and fronted by some of URY’s most dedicated members, allowed us to produce highly polished material while also giving the broader community in the University a place to create their own audio content.
Over the decades we’ve enjoyed ourselves doing all manner of ridiculous things on and off-air. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to radio that you will struggle to find in the industry. Luckily these ideas are recognised by industry professionals by a plethora of awards. In 2020, nearly 15 years since our last win for gold in the category – we won the gold award for Best Student Radio Station in the country at the Student Radio Awards. The judges praised the attention we gave to our audience and the novel ideas we pushed to the forefront of our content.
In 2021, we were given a license to broadcast on FM at the same time as AM, getting us onto both 1350AM and 88.3FM.

via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2023-06-25)