United Kingdom

A Sad Footnote To This Week’s 1170 kHz AM Transmitter Closure At Foxhall Heath, Ipswich, UK.

Back in 1991, the then Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) regulator carried out AM Stereo tests at Radio Orwell’s AM transmitter on 1170 kHz.

The IBA adopted the CQUAM standard for stereo testing with the ambition of deploying an AM Stereo enhancement to low power AM transmitters within selected Independent Local Radio (ILR) areas.

Back in the late 1980s, there was a revival of AM listening, encouraged by what was then recent programme service splits between FM and AM output within each ILR area. Previously, AM and FM output simulcasted programmes in each ILR area. The FM/AM programme splits effectively doubled the services available for listeners within each ILR area.

The IBA’s AM stereo tests at Foxhall Heath were deemed a success by the authority, but the government of the day did not rubber stamp the IBA’s proposal.

Willie Bone (2023-06-29)