I am currently watching the Novokuzhnetsk SDR with the intention of observing the Mongolian LW frequencies.

227 came on with a weak signal at 22:06 UTC before falling away two minutes later.
A short time later at 22:10, one or more of the 209 transmitters powered up. This is still visible at 22:16.
The main transmitter on 164 hasn’t shown up at all. From monitoring this particular SDR on a nightly basis for the past two weeks, the 164 seems to suffer from false-starts on power up, as in it seems to take more than one attempt to get it online as the carrier appears and disappears several times before becoming steady.
So far I have not heard the interval music to signify the start of the day’s broadcasting. This is usually audible at around 22:06 UTC.

MNB have seen my message enquiring about the current status of the LW transmitters but for whatever reason have not replied as of yet.
I will keep observing for the next hour or so and inform of any updates,

Regards, Conor Burns (2023-07-03)