Kuban Radio Center.
The antenna worked with the RV-680 transmitter, at a frequency of 1170 kHz in the direction of the Middle East. Power 1200 kW. The program was broadcast: “Voice of Russii”. For 2023, the antenna system has been decommissioned, the transmitter has been dismantled.

The Zarya system is directional. Previously used at many radio centers, if necessary, zonal broadcasting.
To date, the only “Zarya” as part of the FSUE RTRS is used at the Pridnestrovian Radio and Television Center – 1548 kHz, 1000 kW. The azimuth of the main lobe is 245 degrees, the direction is the Balkans. Despite the European direction, the signal is well received in the European part of Russia.
The largest “Dawn” was in the Irkutsk Radio Center # 7: 37 towers
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RUS-DX items 9 July via WOR iog (2023-07-11)