Open Day on the ‘Jenni Baynton‘ on Sunday 30 July.
Translated from Dutch / Ed.
Radio lightship in Harlingen open to the public
The work to prepare our striking red ship in the harbor of Harlingen for opening to the public has reached the stage where the hospitality team lays out the gangway and opens the doors. We start modestly with two Sunday afternoons in July. The kick-off is this Sunday, July 16. From 13:00 people can register for a guided tour. The studios will be in operation and the large multifunctional space in the belly of the ship can be viewed.
The ship dates from 1949 and has had an eventful life as a lightship, disco and radio ship. Since 2005, our volunteers have been working hard in Harlingen to restore, maintain and use the ship for events such as the recent RadioDay. We are already thinking about the program for next year. In 2024 it will be 50 years since the Dutch radio ships of Radio Veronica and Radio North Sea International were banned and disappeared. The Radio Lightship Jenni Baynton is the last working radioship in the Netherlands and that status naturally calls for an appropriate deployment in that jubilee year.
However, the opening will first take place in July 2023. The kick-off is on Sunday 16 July from 13:00 to 16:30 and for those who have to miss it, there is already a second chance on Sunday 30 July .

Nico from Gouda HOL (2023-07-18)