Last evening around 2300 LT, 783 KHz Fujian, China noted stronger than recent evenings.
Tuned to 909 KHz, and was surprised to hear Fujian, China back on air.
837 KHz Fujian also received, but nil on 549, and 684 KHz.
909 KHz was presumably temporarily off air, or greatly reduced TX power.

Regards, Todd to ICDX-AM (2023-07-24)

Glad to hear that 909kHz China is back on the air.

In recent months, China has enforced harsh lockdowns to avoid the spread of COVID. I am wondering if this could have affected some of the radio stations? When keeping radio station staff locked down for periods of time, some stations may have had to temporally go off the air.
.Just a thought anyway.

Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM (2023-07-24)