RTE mast to be demolished.
An iconic landmark in Offaly was toppled today and the video above captures the dramatic moment it was brought crashing to the ground. Our video shows the demolition from three different perspectives. Watch to the end to see the last pieces come crashing to earth.

The 296 metre tall red and white RTE radio mast in Ballycommon has been in place since 1973 and is visible from many miles around. The mast ceased operation in March 2008 and has been out of use ever since. Today it was expertly taken to the ground in a controlled explosion at around 12.15pm. As the video shows, it collapsed almost directly down on itself as the wires that have held it so securely in place were removed. It is planned to replace the mast with a new 48-metre high latticework communications tower on the site with new fencing.—videos/1256840/watch-dramatic-scenes-as-midlands-landmark-is-brought-crashing-to-the-ground.html

Michael Barraclough to WOR iog (2023-07-25)