Translated from Dutch:
Radio Monique cannot currently be received via the medium wave frequency at 918 kHz. The radio station has it moving of its medium wave transmitter was not reported to the National Inspectorate for Digital Infrastructure (RDI) , formerly known as Radiocommunications Agency.

Radio Monique recently moved its medium wave transmitter in Velsen-Noord “a few hundred” meters and did not report this move to the RDI. A valid license is now missing and therefore the transmitter has been switched off.
“Unfortunately, our medium wave transmitter in Velsen-Noord is switched off. The RDI has pointed out to us that by moving our transmission mast by a few hundred metres, we are officially broadcasting from a different address. This has greatly improved our coverage, but unfortunately the permit is no longer valid ,” said the radio station.

The radio station hopes to return to the medium wave frequency 918 kHz soon. The radio station can still be listened to via the Internet.

Mike Terry to mwcircle iog (2023-08-11)