New Taipei City/Panchiao is gone: 25.006816338898204, 121.
Chung-Li still exists – in the middle of a parking lot, years ago it was a lawn.
25.08656130976657, 121.51267871192607

Taitung is gone: 22.74952303403474, 121.14358164417874

Kaohsiung is gone more than 10 years ago: 22.62539233050074, 120.29786362698584
22.642416324201, 120.29924655952172

Another one at a parking lot, StreetView available, rather interesting.
25.08172584063617, 121.5167560661547

Puli: 23.970872130600227, 120.97029352778827
This one is in the middle of a street, Streetview is available. A small wall separates it. I dunno if kids already tried to climb it…

Jenwu/Tafa 22.70342742313424, 120.36575206877289 coordinates in mwlist point to a power pole standing on a concrete fundament.

Marco (2023-08-14)