Save the Signals

Hermann Scharfetter of COHIRADIA has sent this request for supporting broadband LW recordings before Kalundborg 243kHz closes.

“It is really a pity that Kalundborg 243kHz will be closed by the end of the year (as you announced on your platform) and sadly it seems that the end of most well-established AM transmitters on the low frequency bands is approaching very quickly.  In this context it would be important to make several recordings of the whole LW band (i.e. ca 150kHz of bandwidth) before this happens, and also on the day of closure (the last hours). In the context of COHIRADIA I would like to save these signals for people interested in broadcasting history, collectors of historic radio receivers and maybe also museums.

Me and a few colleagues in Germany and Switzerland will certainly make recordings, but of course the best would be if somebody with a good SDR and good antennas could record directly in Denmark or nearby (e.g. in GB) for the sake of best signal quality.

Probably you possess a good SDR, so my question: Would you volunteer to record a few hours of the LW-band (including the few stations which are still in operation), if the QRM background at your site is low enough. Or could you link me alternatively to somebody who is willing and able to do so ?”

I do not have the opportunity to make those recordings, but if anyone has and is willing to help Hermann and his colleagues, please contact Hermann Scharfetter hermann.scharfetter(at)

Ydun Ritz (2023-08-22)