United States

Jorge Rodriguez’s Ambiente Clasico LLC acquires Brokered 1590 WCGO/95.9 W240EH Evanston IL from William Pollack’s Evanston Broadcasting LLC for $675,000. In a separate transaction, Rodriguez will acquire WCGO’s real estate for $150,000. Ambiente Clasico currently leases overnights on WCGO.

After filing last week to have Hudson-Westchester Radio’s Talk 1460 WVOX/98.3 W252DX White Plains NY donated to MMTC Broadcasting, MMTC has filed its subsequent transfer of WVOX/W252DX to Jeff Chang for $20,000. The deal includes the station’s license and equipment but no leases other than the translator’s tower lease. Chang will be required to find a new transmitter and studio leases for WVOX. Chang owns 99.5 KRPH Morristown AZ, 1310 KKZI Barstow CA, and 1450 KQTE Helendale/101.5 K268DU Victorville CA along with two LPTV’s in California.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-09-01)