Radio ELVIRA 1485 kHz program for Sunday 3 September and Monday 4 September.
Time are in CET and when is 06:00 it only 04:00 UTC.
Radio elvira is also on 6240 kHz on HamSphere
For HamSphere 5

Radio Elvira on medium 1485 kHz wave is a LPAM radio (Low power AM radio) and have only ONE watt so you can listen via a Kiwi SDR if you are not near the radio station in north Netherlands

The SDR to listen
Mail to send a reception report

Information for refugees from Ukraine in Dijk en Waard:
Radio Ukraine broadcasts on the frequency Elvira 1485 KHZ for the benefit of refugees from Ukraine in Herhugovard.
Sunday September 3rd from 06.00 CET to 22.00 CET.
From Monday, the live broadcast will take place from 08:00 to 09:00

Fedorov via an AM FCgroup via Zach Liangis to WOR iog (2023-09-03)