United Kingdom

 Last active hour of GOLD London (1548kHz) available on MW wideband recording

The last hour of the music program of GOLD London on 1548 kHz can be found as part of a  wideband recording of the whole medium wave band in the COHIRADIA archive. The files can be downloaded and played back with software for software defined radios (e.g. SDRUno) and contain the complete frequency spectrum which was received in Graz (AT).

The finale with Simon& Garfunkel’s ‘bridge over troubled water’ awakens nostalgic feelings. After the final chord has disappeared with a slight fading into the atmospheric noise, an endless loop announces the end of GOLD on AM around midnight of Sept 28th.     

Footnote: The files, though having the extension ‘wav’, are no audio files and cannot be played back with standard audio players. Use SDRUno, SDR# or similar tools. For the last 7 minutes only the last file is relevant.

Hermann Scharfetter (2023-09-29)