Wow, NDBs are rapidly going the way of the Dodo bird, it seems.  Latest from NAV Canada regarding Miramichi, NB:

Miramichi NDB – The NDB (F9) located at the Miramichi, NB (CYCH) airport is being decommissioned. As a result of the NDB being decommissioned the two NDB approaches at Miramichi (NDB RWY 09 and NDB RWY 27) will be revoked and removed from the Canada Air Pilot on October 5, 2023. The two GNSS approaches (RNAV (GNSS) RWY 09 and RNAV (GNSS) RWY 27) will remain unchanged with the existing approach minima that are lower than the NDB approaches that are being revoked. Additionally, the A8 Airway between Miramichi, NB and Moncton, NB will also be revoked. NAV Canada are seeking any feedback, issues or concerns pertaining to this upcoming change by Friday, September 22, 2023. The Notice of Change with details to provide feedback can be found here.

Of course, no frequency is mentioned.  It’s 520 kHz with 125 W, so one that likely gets out very well.  I remember seeing the antenna at the airport while visiting 1 year ago (at the south end of the airport, adjacent to the terminal). 

73,  Walt Salmaniw to WOR iog (2023-09-22)


(Translated from Spanish)
Confirm that the Almagro transmitter in Ciudad Real now works correctly on its two frequencies:
801 Khz RNE 1
1305 Khz RNE 5 Ciudad Real
What I have noticed is that something has gone down in power, but it is certain that if they have repaired something, they have not yet raised it to its usual power for testing.

Jordan Ruqui to iberiaDX iog (2023-09-20)

United States

Good Karma Brands will conclude its LMA of Emmis Communications’ “98.7 ESPN” WEPN-FM New York when its contract comes to an end in August 2024.

The programming on the station will relocate back to 1050 WEPN and their digital platforms when the deal comes to an end around August 31, 2024. 1050 WEPN currently airs the national ESPN Radio lineup.

Good Karma owner Craig Karmazin told the New York Post, “We’re committed to serving the New York sports fan and with the combination of our AM signal, the ESPN New York App, podcasts, smart speakers, YES and other additional audio and video distribution, investing in an FM signal was not relevant in the way it was a decade ago.” The Post reports that Emmis

ESPN Inc. began leasing the former “98.7 Kiss-FM” from Emmis in April 2012 in a deal that started at $8.5 million per year and increased by 3.5% annually. Good Karma took over the operations of the station when it purchased the local radio assets of ESPN in December 2021. The lease of 98.7 to ESPN would lead to CBS Radio acquiring then 101.9 WRXP New York in October 2012 for $75 million to bring Sports 660 WFAN to FM to keep up with WEPN. Outside of brief time when WEPN’s Michael Kay Show would outperform WFAN in afternoons, the battle has been pretty much one-sided in WFAN’s favor due to WEPN’s partial reliance on needing to clear some of the national ESPN Radio lineup.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-09-19)

United States

New York Post Reports ESPN/ Good Karma Brands will get out of its lease of 98.7 next August and switch all programming back to WEPN-1050.

Bob Galerstein W2VGD to irca iog (2023-09-19)


Very recently Centrale Milano 1575, which for weeks has been testing with a sweeping tone at 10 watt of power, started a musical program, “PopUp Weekend”. Yesterday they’ve announced a “Me & Blues” program presented by a Gianfranco Piria. Nothing is said about power but the station has been widely heard in Europe, its low power notwithstanding.
Reception reports to

Andrea Lawendel to A-DX iog (2023-09-19)


1220 ON St Catharines CFAJ Grand Opening, after years of running in Test mode, was scheduled for September 11th but a staff member reported that the launch had been delayed by a week. And their site no longer has the September 11th launch info, which named the AM and PM Drive hosts, but, as of September 17th, simply says “Your Hometown Radio Coming Soon!”

CANADIAN RADIO NEWSJon Pearkins via WOR iog (2023-09-19)