(Translated from Spanish)
Good friends, as I say in the title I heard Algeria this morning playing at 153 khz using a Kenwood R-5000 and a Sony AN-1 antenna. I would like to say that these last few weeks at night I have been able to receive Satelor Antenna from Romania quite well with this antenna but that is at dusk and in the early hours of the night in the morning due to the fact that in Romania it dawns earlier you can no longer hear it, so The surprise was when I reviewed the Onda Larga and I saw sound at 153 Khz and it seemed Arabic, I contrasted it with the Stream de Chaine 1 from Algeria and indeed that was, what was noticeable was that it was not coming out at much power.
Attached is a YouTube video commented by a server:
I found Algeria playing at 153 Khz – October 6, 2023 – YouTube

From here you can make all kinds of conjectures, during the day I tested again and it seemed that there was a carrier but without hearing anything, Algeria may be doing tests to return to 153 khz, on the one hand I I would really be happy to have a new station returning, but on the other hand I would be left without listening to Antena Satelor and its fantastic traditional musical programs that I like to hear so much on Onda Larga. I will report back with what I hear, greetings from La Mancha!

73! Jordan Ruqui to iberiaDX iog (2023-10-06)