Adventist World Radio has a special QSL offer.

As a gesture of courtesy to the international radio world, Adventist World Radio is offering a limited-time special where shortwave listeners around the world can receive postcard-sized QSL cards. Real reception reports of AWR radio broadcasts on short wave, medium wave or FM are very welcome. These programs can correspond to the current AWR program or come from earlier times.
These postal reception reports should be addressed only to the Indiana AWR office and, if possible, return postage should be enclosed in an international currency. IRC coupons are not valid in the United States.
Electronic transmission of reception reports is discouraged. Each reception report will be verified with cards from the remaining stock of AWR QSL cards in a total of more than 200 different designs and forwarded to the listener by post.

Any reception report should be sent to the following address and posted no later than December 31, 2023:
Adventist World Radio
International Relations
Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
2768 Morgan Trail
IN 46151 USA

(Adrian M. Peterson via BDXC) and Christopher Ratzer, A-DX iog (2023-10-18)