Recently, I have found a number of updates to some Aussie AM stations, which may be of interest.

 621kHz 6EL Bunbury WA AUS – Now identifies as SEN Spirit.
1494kHz 6EL Margaret River WA AUS – Now identifies as SEN Spirit.
1611kHz 6AY Albany WA AUS – Now identifies as Gold MX (or Gold Mix).
1611kHz 6??? Kalgoorlie WA AUS – Now identifies as SEN.
1611kHz AXW358 Esperance WA AUS – Now identifies as SEN.
1611kHz AXN432 Devonport Tas AUS – Now identifies as SEN Track.

Wishing everyone great DX.
All the best.

Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2023-10-26)