AM 1062 CZE, Country radio ending.

Czech station Country Radio announced this since a few weeks.
Since november 1, or more precisely october 31 morning, Country radio from the 1062 kHz Zbraslav transmitter is silent.

Of course, they can be still received with better coverage from Ceske Budejovice, (954 kHz), where Country replaced the DRM tests in the end of july, and from the second transmitter, in Liblice (stredoceski kraj), (639 kHz), with a power of 5 Kw.

The latter was earlier used for years by Cesky rozhlas Dvojka.
Attached find please the ending announcement loop which was broadcast on 1062 kHz as the one and only jingle between a looped playlist of songs, (programming was different on 1062 than on the remaining frequencies).

The literal translation.:
Dear listeners,
In a very near future we will end broadcasting on this frequency.
With higher power and on a new frequency, tune in on 639 kHZ AM, Liblice

Patryk Faliszewski to WOR iog