1638 United Christian Broadcasters Armidale NSW AUS (VRN):
These stations can often have the call sign UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) added to the state numeral, though they also identify as the Vision Radio Network. If this station had an official call sign, it would more likely be 2UCB.

1638 VNN826 Concord West NSW AUS (R.Lebanon):
This station can identify as 2ME or Radio Lebanon. However, the official call sign currently is VNN826, as allocated by the ACMA.

1638 Long Pocket Qld AUS:
Apparently, 1638 is also still in use. However, I am not currently aware of the exact programming format used. It used to be 4GW (The Goanna 16AM Country) and it may even still be.

1647 4ME Brisbane Qld AUS (R.Lebanon):
This station is at Mango Hill. 

1638 Brisbane is currently known as ACR Chinese Radio.
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Description: Leading Australian Chinese Radio by AC Media Group broadcasting everyday of the week. Brisbane AM 1638, Canberra AM 1647, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth Coming soon!
Language: Chinese

Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2023-11-14)