234 kHz RTL power reduced?
Two people from a German radio forum said that RTL must have decreased the power of the LW transmitter.
Maybe someone has an official document about that, so it’s not a
transmitter problem.
Marco (2020-10-07)

United States

The FCC will vote this month on All-Digital AM.
Pai signals pending action to allow a voluntary migration.
The Federal Communications Commission will vote this month on whether to allow AM stations in the United States to convert to all-digital HD Radio if they wish to do so.
Commission watchers have expected some action this year. Commissioner Ajit Pai announced the planned vote on his blog, calling AM revitalization “a passion of mine.”
Based on anecdotal evidence, the commission will likely approve it.
The details of the proposed report and order are expected to be public shortly. Among questions to watch for are whether all-digital AM operation would be allowed both day and night; what provision the FCC makes for a station to change its mind later; and whether the commission will waver from its stances on not allowing the use of other platforms like Digital Radio Mondiale and not allowing multicasts of an AM digital signal to be carried on translators.
Radio World NewsBytes (2020-10-05)


After about a month using a 75 Watts stand by transmitter, Radio208 on 1440 kHz is now back with 500 Watts, using the old 1 kW CCA transmitter from 1974. A new cooling system has been installed.  Radio208 operates 24 hours a day seven days a week with a rock/alternative music format from a transmitter site in Ishøj, in the South Western outskirts of Copenhagen.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2020-09-24)

United States

WNRP 1620 kHz, Gulf Breeze, Florida (serving the Pensacola area) seems to be at their higher daytime power of 10kW tonight (0300 UT 15 September) as Hurricane Sally is approaching the Gulf Coast. The station is heard on top of otherwise dominant Radio Rebelde outlet from Cuba on the same frequency here as received in the Atlanta, Georgia area. WNRP typically rebroadcasts WEAR TV audio from Pensacola during that station’s local TV news broadcasts. There was storm related information tonight but it was disappointed WNRP switched back to their normal evening Conservative talk radio format during other times not on top of the hour. Not quite living up to their branding as “News Radio 1620”. As the storm approaches and makes landfall maybe they will switch to more actual local news.
Harry Smith, Atlanta Georgia in WOR (2020-09-15)


According to an email received today from NRK Publikumsservice the new transmitter, which is in use on 1485 kHz NRK Longyearbyen Svalbard, installed in spring 2020, is still running 1 kW, and not 3 kW.
They are awaiting approval from The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) to increase power.
Ydun Ritz (2020-09-11)


The CEO and owner of EAJ29 Radio Inter, Madrid, 918 kHz, and conductor of the morning magazine of this station, Carlos Peñaloza, said some days ago on air that they would install a 100 kW transmitter to replace the old, german tube 20 kW transmitter (I guess Telefunken) which has been on air in a precarious state from long time ago, with years of damaged performance, with loud heterodyne noise, beating hiss and unstable carrier. 
In the last decade, the company entered in a decadence and the facilities, neglected, had a historic of outages of the signal, up to more than a week off air, and the site had been even vandalized some years ago with the cooper being looted and other damages. 
I must note that the license the owners have for EAJ29 on 918 kHz is for a power up to 50 kW, and no more, as do EAJ2, EAJ7, EAK1 in Madrid, EAJ1, EAJ15 and EAJ39 in Barcelona, EAJ3 and EAK5 in Valencia, etcetera. None private station on medium wave in Spain is or has been, allowed to use more than such power. 
For the moment the station is off the air, only available on tiny FM frequency and streaming. Mr. Peñaloza also informed the audience about the good speed of the restoration works of the facilities.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia (2020-09-11)


I got some news about 648 kHz in Ukraine.
Radio “Crimea.Realii” plans to increase the power of the transmitter.
It now operates at 10 kW power. They got financial help from the US to
buy a 25 kW transmitter.
The original source in Russian:
The transmitter is really new due to Google Earth pictures, just use
these coordinates: 45°59’57.17″N 34°32’56.19″E
Marco (2020-09-05)