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QUINCY (WGEM) – WGEM-AM continues to deal with a technical emergency that began in late June, according to WGEM General Manager Ben Van Ness.

WGEM Chief Engineer Brent Clingingsmith said WGEM 1440 AM suffered the loss of its main and backup transmitters in a relatively short amount of time.

“Due to a variety of challenges that come along with this, it will take quite some time before we know what our next steps might be or can be,” Van Ness said.

Van Ness pointed out that all of the WGEM Sports Radio programming remains available on 98.9 FM.

Clingingsmith said the 98.9 FM signal is of better quality and covers a larger radius 24 hours a day than the 1440 AM signal, which had to go to low power after sunset.

Van Ness added the FM signal is also more reliable than the AM signal and encourages all listeners to tune into 98.9 FM.

“This situation has been reported to the FCC and WGEM remains compliant with all rules and regulations that are set forth by the FCC when operating a translator (98.9 FM) on our AM station (1440),” Van Ness said.

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Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-08-05)


1017-A3Z (Tonga) New MW Antenna

From my Kauai DXpedition partner Chris Rogers comes news of an improved MW antenna for the 10 kW Tongan station A3Z in Nuku’alofa, as detailed in the station’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TBCA3Z
Although Chris doesn’t yet know if the new antenna is operational, the station was already the strongest DU blaster overall at the Rockwork cliff, and its signal it will be thoroughly evaluated there starting Monday morning.

Gary DeBock (heading for Manzanita, OR tomorrow) (July 30, IRCA iog)

Lots of photos on their FB including eventually on July 29, antennas. Mostly in Tongalese.

Glenn, WOR iog (2022-08-02)

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Starting Sat. July 16th @ 8 p.m. ET WBCB (1490, 107.3) in Levittown, PA will be off the air for power maintenance from 8 p.m. ET overnight for the next few days. Music, likely automanted will continue overnight on their stream. with live over the air programing during the day. They probably chose this time period as they carry the MLB Phillies evenings although not on the stream. After Sunday’s daytime Phil’s game in Miami the team will be off for the All-Star break and back Friday July 22nd. Just giving a heads up in case you want to go DXing in the 1490 graveyard and you’re in Bucks County, PA or Mercer or Burlington County, NJ. Good luck. www.wbcb1490.com

Jim Parisho to I Love AM Radio FB group (2022-07-17)


RTE transmitter network provider 2rn say 252 kHz will be off air next Wednesday 0830-1430 UTC:
2rn: – Summerhill, Co. Meath. Complete outage due to essential engineering work on Radio One Long Wave service between 09:30 and 15:30 on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

(2rn on Twitter 10 July)

Alan Pennington, British DX Club via Longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-07-10)


RNE 1 Spain reduces MW powers from 300 to 75 kW.

Según informa la sección sindical de UGT en RTVE, RNE ha dismunuido la potencia de las siguientes emisoras de Radio Nacional de España-Radio 1:

    585 Madrid (Majadahonda) de 300kW a 100/150kW
    621 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Las Mesas) de 300kW a 75/100kW
    639 A Coruña (Meson do Vento) de 300kW a 75/100kW
    684 Sevilla (Los Palacios) de 300kW a 100/150kW
    738 Barcelona (Palau de Plegamáns) de 300kW a 100/150kW
    855 Murcia (Torre Cotillas) de 300kW a 75/100kW

Las cifras actuales indican la potencia nocturna/diurna del emisor.

Pedro Sedano, EA4-0003, AER El Dial June 16 via Glenn Hauser, WOR iog (2022-06-20)


I inform you that soon TWR will be installing a new second MW transmitter to update the existing one and thus be able to expand its greater broadcasting capacity and with a strong signal directed to the Persian-speaking region or countries which will include parts of the Middle East. and from Central Asia with a total of six (6) daily broadcasts in Farsi languages and others from the Persian world.
At the moment it is known that said transmitter was donated by someone, but its operating power or frequency has not yet been revealed if it will be 612 Khz or 1467 Khz. You would probably think of 612 Khz (Silk Road) as having only 200 kW.

Ruben Medina (2022-06-06)

United Kingdom

I think Absolute on 1215 AM from Washford is on reduced power  today. It is sounding weaker with lots of mush fading due to co channel interference from Droitwich. Using the directional properties of a portable radio here near Bristol the ground wave signal from Droitwich is actually stronger than that of Washford. The two other  Washford outlets on 882 and 1089 are ok.

Simon Hockenhull to TX-list (2022-05-14)

You are right about periods of reduced power from Washford.
They are carrying out stay replacement and structural repairs to the masts.

Mike to TX-list (2022-05-15)