Non stop emergency broadcast tonight also by AIR.
As the effect of Cyclone Asani is not yet over, look out tonight also for any nonstop broadcasts by AIR stations in Eastern coast of India:
Vijayawada 100 kW AM 837 kHz , DRM 828 kHz
Visakhapatnam 100 kW AM 927 kHz, DRM 918 kHz
Look out for any additional stations on MW from Odisha/West Bengal also

Latest weather info in:

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia iog (2022-05-11)


Transnistria: On 26 April and 3 May the medium wave station Grigoriopol-Mayak made headlines as being attacked. The first attack even made it into the main news (“Tagesschau”) in Germany because of following threats from Russian officials. 
Unfortunately, I do not speak / read Russian and cannot really check the current situation myself lacking knowledge of which radio sites to check. I wonder whether the frequencies 621, 999, 1413 and 1548 kHz are still on the air. Any information from actual listening or references to news sites will be appreciated.

Dr Hansjoerg Biener to MWlist iog (2022-05-11)

Some days ago all freqs were on air. Use the Dorohoi SDR to check.
1548 and 621 are not on air all the time, check for the transmission times.
A shortwave curtain antenna with 3 masts was destroyed. The rotatable SW antenna shows burns, but still stands.
There are some other static SW dipole arrays there, some of them collapsed years ago and the rest is still there and some people showed pictures of them.
Tell me if you like more information.

Marco to MWlist iog (2022-05-11)

United States

KBOB 1170 Davenport Iowa.
Temporarily using the night pattern during the day.

Michael Scheel to MWDX – The National Radio Club FB group (2022-05-11)


X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: An unusually-magnetized sunspot exploded on May 10th, producing an intense X1.5-class solar flare. Shortwave radio signals were blacked out around the Atlantic Ocean for as much as an hour, and now there’s a chance a CME is heading our way.

Ydun Ritz (2022-05-11)


All night Emergency transmission due to cyclone Asani noted on AIR Vijayawada 837 khz and Visakhapatanam 927 khz in AM mode and on their DRM frequencies just now 2200 UTC / 3.30 am IST.

Jose Jacob to dxindia iog (2022-05-11)


1368 KHz 2GN Goulburn, NSW will switch off next Friday May 13. I will try to record some 2GN tonight for prosperity. It will be the final chance to do so on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.
Not yet known what DX will be possible into Sydney on 1368 KHz after 2GN switches off.

Todd to ICDX-AM iog (2022-05-10)

2GN is still on regular programming and still announcing as 2GN as at 3pm.
Monitored on Canberra KiwiSDR.

Tony Magon VK2IC to ICDX-AM iog (2022-05-10)

Puerto Rico

As part of its acquisition of Spanish language television streaming platform Pantaya from Hemisphere Media Group, TelevisaUnivision will divest some of their radio holdings in Puerto Rico.
Hemisphere will acquire assets that include Spanish News/Talk 580 WKAQ San Juan and Bilingual CHR “KQ 105” WKAQ-FM San Juan in the deal along with cash for Pantaya. The announcement does not make clear if WKAQ simulcasters 600 WYEL Mayagüez and 1420 WUKQ Ponce and WKAQ-FM simulcaster 98.7 WUKQ-FM Mayagüez are part of the deal.
Hemisphere Media CEO Alan Sokol states in the announcement that “they will continue to work closely with the TelevisaUnivision Uforia programming team who, with its deep music expertise, will continue to program the KQ105 FM station”. The Puerto Rico radio station assets will be paired with the company’s WAPA-TV network on the island.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-05-09)