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FCC Report 8/16: China Owned Operator Seeks Permission To Continue Operating 690 XEWW
by Lance Venta August 16, 2020 FCC Actions
After ordering H&H USA’s Chinese “URadio 690”
XEWW Rosarito MX to cease operations
and dismissing their STA and applications in June because they failed to include the Chinese government owned Phoenix Radio US as a, {sic} H&H’s subsidiary GLR Southern California has reapplied for permission to operate XEWW adding Phoenix as an operator on the basis that they were “unaware of any formal complaints being submitted to the FCC in the time that this station has been programmed in Mandarin Chinese about the content of these broadcasts”. The station, which never stopped broadcasting despite the previous FCC order, also filed an STA to continue
those broadcasts while the application is pending.
Artie Bigley, OH via Glenn Hauser, WOR groups.io (2020-08-20)