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WCSZ 1070 Sans Souci, SC DX Test Update
Spoke via e-mail with Al Hajny regarding last night’s impromptu test.
We offered to create a DX Test file of Morse Code IDs, sweep tones, etc. for tonight—but unfortunately that won’t meet their needs. Here’s the update on what happened last night, and what we may expect tonight (Friday night/Saturday morning) starting at Midnight EDT (0400 UTC)
I’m asking for a longer test if possible to give our European DX’ers a better shot at the test and also a list of songs/programming to help with identification.
“Had problems last night. Lightning took out a contactor’s fiberglass insulator and the bar piece eventually just dropped to the floor. It was at 10 kW for a short time, but later could only keep [ power output to ] 5 kW for maybe 45 minutes. Carrier only.
Little did I know that probably kept kind of an arc going. I bypassed the problem and am running 25 kW now to see how things go. I’ll try 50 kW a little later. Lost a module but it should still make 50 just fine. So, most likely I’ll run a more regular type test tonight, midnight EDT. About an hour, unless there’s public demand for more.
Thanks for your offer, but I have a few songs etc. already.`
Les Rayburn via WOR groups.io (2020-08-21)