1550 POLISARIO Front, Rabouni, ALG, is still off the air… unless they’re operating at vy. early hrs in the morning and I’m missing that, but I’m convinced they’re *gone* for some reason, maybe just technical, so it can be temporary, or then Algeria fed up with spending funds and resources for this Algerian backed clandestine project; time will tell.
Carlos Gonçalves (2020-08-24)

United States

WCSZ 1070 Sans Souci, SC DX Test Update.
I heard the test quite clearly here in Danville, KY on a barefoot C. Crane CC-3, which isn’t surprising as I am not that far away, about 300 miles or so. I tuned in at about 12:28 AM and heard the ID, “WCSZ, Sans Souci, South Carolina – Testing” followed by “Take On Me” by A-Ha. The signal was fairly strong and clear.
Jay to WOR (2020-08-22)

United States

WCSZ DX test [1070 kHz] from SC, OK to OK.
I am posting before reading reports from anyone else about this.
On R75 with E-W longwire, already aimed in right direxion.
0357 UT Aug 22 tune-in to usual jumble of presumed KNX, KFTI and more jumble.
0402 UT: suddenly absolutely clear Morse code ID: VVV DE WCSZ, twice or was it thrice?
No voice IDs or any announcements heard so far. But none needed after the above.
0404 UT: Handel`s Messiah, Hallelujah Chorus until 0410. Then some other music, no ID heard but may have been lost in QRM. 0412 tune-out but may recheck later. Unknown how long test runs.
Sometimes atop, generally mixing with news/talk presumed KNX, and country music presumed from KFTI Wichita which is l ow power at night, but too close to here and always an annoyance since it`s significantly off-frequency-minus. Now I have been adjusting the PBT to get rid of the LAH if not all of its modulation.
Glenn Hauser to WOR (2020-08-22)

United States

WCSZ 1070 Sans Souci, SC DX Test Update
Spoke via e-mail with Al Hajny regarding last night’s impromptu test.
We offered to create a DX Test file of Morse Code IDs, sweep tones, etc. for tonight—but unfortunately that won’t meet their needs. Here’s the update on what happened last night, and what we may expect tonight (Friday night/Saturday morning) starting at Midnight EDT (0400 UTC)
I’m asking for a longer test if possible to give our European DX’ers a better shot at the test and also a list of songs/programming to help with identification.
“Had problems last night. Lightning took out a contactor’s fiberglass insulator and the bar piece eventually just dropped to the floor. It was at 10 kW for a short time, but later could only keep [ power output to ] 5 kW for maybe 45 minutes. Carrier only.
Little did I know that probably kept kind of an arc going. I bypassed the problem and am running 25 kW now to see how things go. I’ll try 50 kW a little later. Lost a module but it should still make 50 just fine. So, most likely I’ll run a more regular type test tonight, midnight EDT. About an hour, unless there’s public demand for more.
Thanks for your offer, but I have a few songs etc. already.`
Les Rayburn via WOR (2020-08-21)


Due to a problem with the cooling system in the main transmitter for
1440 kHz (500 Watts), Radio208 is as of August 21st at 16 UTC using the 75 Watts stand by transmitter. It is hoped that the cooling system can be repaired within a week or two, and so Radio208 will hopefully be able to resume operations with full power: 500 Watts.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2020-08-21)


Public broadcaster Polish Radio is set to launch a special news service for
listeners in neighbouring Belarus, where post-election protests have grown
against longtime strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko.
The management of Polish Radio says news broadcasts in Belarusian on Polish Radio 1 will help keep listeners beyond Poland’s eastern border informed about what is happening in their country amid limited access to reliable information.
Thanks to transmitters at a broadcasting centre in Solec Kujawski, north-central Poland, Polish Radio 1 can be heard on 225 kHz long wave almost throughout Europe, including the entire territory of Belarus, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency has reported.
Special news programmes produced by the Belarusian section of Polish Radio’s External Service will be aired on Polish Radio 1 three times a day: at around 6:30 a.m., shortly after noon, and just after 10 p.m.
The initiative aims to provide Belarusians, including those living in areas where there is no internet access or facing limitations in connectivity, with easy access to up-to-date and reliable information about the situation in their country and the response of the international community, Polish Radio executives have said.
“Offering support to the people of Belarus in these difficult times, and showing solidarity by providing reliable and true information, is part of Polish Radio’s mission as a public broadcaster,” said CEO Agnieszka Kaminska.
Broadcasts are due to start this Saturday, August 22.
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2020-08-21)


Anatoly Klepov informs:
“The management of Polish Radio made a decision to urgently modify the existing broadcasting network and to include on the air of the first program of Polish Radio special news bulletins in Belarusian, dedicated to the situation in Belarus. With the help of the repeaters of the Radio Broadcasting Center in Solec-Kujawski, the first program of Polish radio will be available on long wave on the frequency of 225 kHz throughout almost all of Europe including the whole of Belarus. Special news bulletins prepared by the Belarusian Service of the Polish Radio for Abroad will be broadcast three times a day: at 7.30, 12.00 and 23.00 Minsk time.
The Belarusian language news bulletin will be aired in the program “Polska i Świat” (“Poland and the World”). News broadcasts will begin on Saturday, 22 August.”
Mauno Ritola in WRTH fb group (2020-08-21)


SEN Changes:
Supposedly ‘SEN Track‘ (SENTrack) launches on Aug 22nd (Sat) in Sydney, NSW on 1539kHz replacing Rete Italia’s ‘Niche Radio Network.’SEN (Victoria) and SEN Track stations began this week on DAB+ in Sydney. Niche Radio Network isn’t yet on DAB+ in Sydney, is planned to happen.
621kHz (6EL) Bunbury, WA: ‘SEN Spirit‘ begins broadcasting on Monday 24th, August 2020.
Ian (AUS) to mwmasts (2020-08-21)

United States

WCSZ Sans Souci SC 1070 – DX-test.
From Al Hajny ( “I’ll be trying to put the 50 kW non-DA, after midnight EDT tonight. (Thur into Fri morning) Likely to be just carrier much of the time at various power levels. I don’t know, maybe some music. Maybe a more regular DX test tomorrow night.
It won’t be on the stations on-line stream. 1070 WCSZ Sans Souci SC. Installing a new transmitter.”
Odd-Jorgen Sagdahl to NORDX yahoogroup (2020-08-21)


After Radio Sawa in 2019 ceased its Sudan program, its medium-wave transmitter in Djibouti 1431 kHz [600 kW] has not been silenced; it continues with Voice of America programming.
The transmitter is switched on between 15:30 UTC and 03:00 UTC.
The whole article in German by Kai Ludwig can be seen here
Radioeins Radio News (2020-08-19)