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WNRP 1620 kHz Gulf Breeze/Pensacola, FL Update – Hurricane Sally Aftermath.
Monitoring at my Atlanta, Georgia Location tonight, WNRP 1620 kHz from the Pensacola, Florida area is on the air and still over riding co-channel, higher power Radio Rebelde, Cuba. It has been on tonight with continuing Hurricane Sally aftermath coverage in the Pensacola, Florida area primarily focusing on the Three Mile Bridge section collapse (a vital travel route in the area) and the numerous power outages, etc.
WNRP on 1620 kHz and 92.3 FM had been off and on throughout the last day or two due to power outages in the area. It was trying to broadcast on sister station WEBY 1330 kHz and 99.1 FM with varying success. The internet streaming service has also been intermittent.
Harry Smith to WOR groups.io (2020-09-18)


The UNID on 1350 kHz reported a couple of days ago is Radio Z100 Milan. Some days in parallel with old 990 frequency. They are also sometimes broadcasting news in Spanish (RNE R5). The TX is in Lumbardy, south of Milan in Pavia area.
Giampiero Bernardini (2020-09-17)

Dominican Republic

1440 Radio Impactante – noted in English on Dominican Republic SDR at 2310utc.
Tony Magon AUS to WOR groups.io (2020-09-17)

WRTH shows 5 kW in Sto Domingo, with this link:
Certainly religious but nothing seen there not in Spanish
Was the English programming religious?
That also linx to: https://radioimpacto.org/ which is under construxion with a dead play link to a DR FM station of same name and on same page to a Radio Impacto en California.
Glenn Hauser to WOR groups.io (2020-09-17)

Yes it was religious in English from about 2300 to 2340utc, then Religious Vocals until around 2355utc
Tony Magon AUS to WOR groups.io (2020-09-17)


This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the Arctic Radio Club. To celebrate this we are broadcasting a special programme over Radio Northern Star/Bergen Kringkaster in Norway as follows:
Saturday Sept. 19 1800-2000 UTC
Sunday Sept. 20 2000-2200 UTC
Tuesday Sept. 22 1800-2000 UTC
Frequencies: MW 1314 kHz and SW 5895 kHz.
The programme is in Swedish but with IDs in English. Many of the ARC oldtimers are participating in the programme. We also present a wide selection of music.
Reception reports are welcome to:
Arctic Radio Club Anniversary Broadcast
c/o Music & Media Production
Box 114SE-82423 HudiksvallSweden
If you want a QSL-card please enclose return postage in form of 2 IRCs or $3. As a DX club we are interested in seeing how far the radio waves will go so we are not interested in reports taken over SDR receivers close to the transmitter site.For further information about Radio Northern Star and Bergen Kringkaster check out:
Welcome to listen in and GOOD DX!
Ronny B. Goode to WRTH fb group (2020-09-17)

United States

1090 WILD Boston noted back on the air simulcasting 760 WVNE Leicester, MA. Heard 9/14 at 1700 EDT. My guess (and hope) is that they are just keeping their license active after about a year of silence.
Marc DeLorenzo in MWDX – The National radio Club fb group (2020-09-16)

MW Radio In Africa

An article in Radio World about how radio is promoting development in Africa made me curious finding out how many African countries still have MW facilities as it was mostly focusing on FM coverage on that continent.
My counting gave the following result:
Algeria – Angola – Botswana – Egypt – Eritrea – Ethiopia – Kenya – Lesotho – Libya – Malawi – Mauritania – Mocambique – Morocco – Nigeria – Sao Tome e Principe – South Africa – South Sudan – Sudan -Tanzania – Tunesia and Uganda. All have equipment for national MW transmission, though some of them may be inactive.
These two countries Benin and Eswatini both host TWR facilities and no national MW stations.
Ydun Ritz (2020-09-15)

United States

I am going to run a a weekly DX test Sunday’s on 1360 AM WNJC from 12:00 – 1:00 AM EDT and see how it goes for maybe the next 4 weeks. After seeing how well the Saturday 1250 watts omni-directional test was copied, this Sunday, September 20 I am going to run a DX test with just on our 800 watt nighttime directional pattern to see what reception is like.
Looking forward to having more fun and please pass the word!
Duke Hamann, KC2DUX to MWDX – National Radio Club fb group (2020-09-15)
EDT is four hours behind UTC, so test time will be 0400-0500 UTC.
Ydun Ritz

United States

WNRP 1620 kHz, Gulf Breeze, Florida (serving the Pensacola area) seems to be at their higher daytime power of 10kW tonight (0300 UT 15 September) as Hurricane Sally is approaching the Gulf Coast. The station is heard on top of otherwise dominant Radio Rebelde outlet from Cuba on the same frequency here as received in the Atlanta, Georgia area. WNRP typically rebroadcasts WEAR TV audio from Pensacola during that station’s local TV news broadcasts. There was storm related information tonight but it was disappointed WNRP switched back to their normal evening Conservative talk radio format during other times not on top of the hour. Not quite living up to their branding as “News Radio 1620”. As the storm approaches and makes landfall maybe they will switch to more actual local news.
Harry Smith, Atlanta Georgia in WOR groups.io (2020-09-15)