United States

DX TEST tonight on WNJC 1360 Washington Township.

I was able to get two FT8 decodes during tonight’s DX test at 054515 and 055200.
Mike Beu, Austin, TX to nrc-am via WOR groups.io (2020-10-11)

Listened from southern Kentucky but was not able to hear the test at WNJC.  I had the WNJC feed via internet but I could not hear their signal on my radio.  Lots of interference, primarily from 2 possibly 3 other stations on 1360 kHz.
Mike Newland, Morgantown, KY to nrc-am via WOR groups.io (2020-10-11)

After a few bits of code in the mix (4 dots three times, I think) just after midnight, I soon heard WNJC in More Code clearly three times, then three sweep tones, followed by a series of steady tones, and so on. Generally WNJC was above the mix, but I’m not very far away from the station: Hampstead, MD, listening on a CC Crane SW with a Tecsun loop. I’ve heard all the tests so far, BTW.
Sam Brainerd to WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests fb group (2020-10-11)