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WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests.
So this week I am switching things up a bit. I going to try to give the inland folks over the pond a better chance to and copy our FT-8 test. I will be starting 2 hours early with the FT-8 DX test at 02:00 UTC 10/17 (10:00pm 10/16 EDT). We will be operating our regular 2 tower, 800 watt nighttime pattern to the SSE. At 04:00 UTC the FT-8 test will conclude and we will conduct the DX audio test continuing on our nighttime pattern. At 0500 UTC I will be switching to our daytime pattern at 5kw using 4 towers directional to SSE with the DX audio test concluding at 0600 UTC. From 0600 – 1000 UTC I will be leaving the transmitter in daytime mode but be playing our normal playlist of 80s – 2010 pop, rock, dance, country and whatever else I grew up listening to and feel like playing. Listen for the sweepers between songs of movie & tv show clips along with our voice-over guy. Reception reports are greatly appreciated and can be emailed to kc2dux@duxpond.com or snail mailed with at least a 4×6 SASE to PO Box 84 Dennisville, NJ 08214. I ordered 250 QSL cards and gave away 122 so far! I don’t want to keep that many LOL! Look forward to having another fun weekend with the DXs out there!
Duke Hamann in WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests FB group (2020-10-15)