Today may be the last day we hear  AIR Mumbai 1044 kHz (100 kW)  and AIR Kolkata on 1008 kHz  (100 kW) in AM Mode.  From tomorrow 14 Nov 2020 these channels will change over to PURE DRM.
These channels along with AIR Chennai 783 kHz (20kW)  &  AIR New Delhi 1368 kHz (20 kW)  both of which that had already changed over from AM to Pure DRM mode some time back will operate continuously for 22 hrs. per day  in Pure DRM  at  5.00 pm to 3.00 pm IST (ie 1130 to 0930 UTC) with 3 program channels from tomorrow.
Note: The following channels of AIR  from these cities will however still  be available, on AM Mode on MW:
Chennai:  720
Kolkata: 657 & 1323
Mumbai : 558
New Delhi : 666 & 819
The above channels (except 1323 kHz) are in operating in Simulcast Mode ie both in  AM & DRM modes.
Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio 
Hyderabad, India.
Zacharias Liangas via WOR (2020-11-13)