On December 22, 1920, a Christmas concert from the 110 kHz (2700 meter) arc transmitter at Künigs-Wusterhausen was organized by Hans Bredow, formerly Count von Arco’s engineer in charge of constructing the famed Nauen station and by 1920 a division director at the Mininstry of Posts, to demonstrate the potential for radio broadcasting in the nation.
In 2020, a commemorative broadcast will be conducted on that same date from 1300 to 1400 UTC (2 to 3 pm local time, 7 to 8 am CST in North America), under the name welle370 on the station’s recent mediumwave frequency of 810 kHz (370 meters). The program is also reportedly to be simulcast on 5960 kHz shortwave.
Check back in case we are able to post additional information prior to the broadcast.
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Mike Terry to WRTH fb group (2020-12-17)