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WFME 1560 goes away after tonight.
It’s a pest for most of us in the east, of course – but after tonight, the 50,000 watts of WFME 1560-are going away for a while, and maybe for good. Family Stations has sold the land under the station’s transmitter
site in Queens (for an insane $51 million) and it signs off at noon ET Friday.
There’s nothing filed yet for any sort of a move, and I expect 1560 to be silent for a while. The expectation seems to be that Family will use some of its windfall to buy another existing station in New York, and
may or may not put 1560 back on the air from a different site sometime in the next year.
I’ll be interested to hear what shows up on 1560 in the east now…
Scott Fybush to abdx.org via Glenn Hauser, WOR groups.io (2021-02-12)