XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) Life Waves.
Today Monday March 22, 2021, the XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) premiered the trade name as Waves of Life.
Waves of Life (1440 AM) streams Christian music (music programming), newscasts, spoken programs, health-talked programs and Christian talked programs.
The previous XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) trade name was Waves of Peace and transmitted Christian music (musical programming), talked-about programs, health-talked programs and Christian spoken programs.
The Traditional Waves of Life (1440 AM) signal can be heard on the Internet on its official website that is
The official Facebook social network of Waves of Life (1440 AM) is
Alejandro Badillo Albarrán (translated)
Tim Hall to fb group (2021-03-22)