Nachdem vor einiger Zeit Radio Milano auf der 1.602 kHz wieder On the Air war, wurde das originale Programm vom Internetradio zur Mittelwelle abgekoppelt. Auf der 1.602 kHz ist nun ein anderes – weniger interessantes – Programm aus Milano zu hören. Die tägliche Abschaltung des Mittelwellensenders Nachts um genau 00:10 Uhr, wurde indes beibehalten. 
Auch die Testsendungen auf der 927 kHz, ebenfalls aus Milano, entfielen seit Ende letzten Jahres. 

Google translate:
After Radio Milano was on the air again some time ago on the 1,602 kHz, the original program was decoupled from Internet radio to medium wave. Another – less interesting – program from Milan can now be heard on 1,602 kHz. The daily shutdown of the medium wave transmitter at night at exactly 00:10 was retained.
The test transmissions on the 927 kHz, also from Milan, have been discontinued since the end of last year.
Steffen Mehnert (2021-03-22)


“People’s radio station Hulun-Buira” – Voice of the Mongols of China.
PBS Hulun Buir The People’s Radio Station Hulun Buir from Inner Mongolia (PRC) broadcasts on short and medium wave in Mongolian and Chinese. News, music, programs on the theme of culture and society sound on the air.
The first station from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region began broadcasting on November 1, 1950, and became the first of its kind to broadcast to an ethnic minority in the new China. In 1970, this radio station received the call sign “People’s radio station Hulun-Buira”.
Today the radio station broadcasts around the clock at a frequency of 6.080 kHz and at a medium wavelength of 954 kHz. The signal spreads far beyond Inner Mongolia. The station can be received in Siberia and the Far East. True, the transmitter power is small 10 kW.
Received the signal on March 18 at 01.50-02.30 UTC in Ulan-Ude at a frequency of 6.080 kHz. Poor to moderate quality. There was little interference from an adjacent frequency. Signal decays were quite frequent. The program includes music, a news release and a program on contemporary music of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (PRC).
Igor Kolke via RUS-DX (2021-03-21)


Spring equinox bandscan.
I went outside with the Panny tranny around 2050Z. The weather was calm and dry under a cirrus-covered sky, a half moon semi-visible.
The LW band felt a bit weak. Allouis has been stronger, and Ireland was… audible. Just.
The MW band was very weak here. I had to turn up the volume pretty high for even the normally loud British stations. Everything else was totally inaudible.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2021-03-20)


A stream of solar wind is approaching Earth, and it could buffet our planet’s magnetosphere for the next three days. According to NOAA, periods of minor G1-class geomagnetic storming are likely on March 20th21st and 22nd. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.
Mike Terry to WOR (2021-03-20)

Netherlands Antilles

According to Erminy Fernando, in Cadena DX facebook group, the VOA has started transmissions to Venezuela from the TWR facilities in Bonaire 800 khz; with the program “Venezuela 360” Reported between 5: 00 to 6:30 pm Venezuelan local time (2100-2230 UTC) presumibly Mon-Fri.
Rafael Rodriguez to fb group (2021-03-20)


Yesterday, Robert Copeman sent me a email advising that 765 2EC Bega, NSW had closed down, and moved to 94.5 FM. This was news to me. Robert also asked if any new reception possibilities are now available since the closure.
Last night around 11:30 pm, 765 KHz was tuned. The noteworthy feature is that when aiming the loop north, the channel is clearer than ever when nulling 5CC Port Lincoln, South Australia. 765 KHz Fuzhou, Fujian, China (600 kW) is now easy to hear at good levels.
One TX loss results in another gain.
Todd, (PK indoor loop + Sangean PR-D15) to (2021-03-17)