WRN 738 kHz test.
Today were test transmissions again, I recorded a part in химки (Khimki).
They said something about regular transmission, but I didn’t get it properly. The signal also reached углич (Uglich), very weak, but detectable and recognizable.
Some people think the power is about 5 kW, it is listed with 10 kW and maximum allowed power is 50 kW. The ARRT-antenna can be used with 150 kW.
Marco (2021-04-24)

United Kingdom

BBC supernova!
A supernova a short lived  stellar explosion marking the end of the life of a star. Over the next few weeks BBC local radio will undergoing their supernova equivalent. Before a star explodes into a supernova it may be difficult to see. Right now BBC local radio stations are difficult to 100% identify at night because they carry nationally syndicated programming with no local content. So sending a recording of networked programming to get a QSL card is less than convincing.
But in a few weeks time many stations will switch over to a brief looped recording telling listeners that the MW service about to close down. These looped messages are unique, easy to hear, repeat every few minutes 24 hours a day and are 100% convincing evidence that you heard a particular station. The audio can’t even be recorded from a parallel frequency or off the internet. The only place you’ll hear these message is on MW.
This brief period of super DX visibility will be followed by total extinction as the BBC MW  local radio network collapses and switches off the MW transmitters for good. This super nova experience is your last, but best, chance to hear many BBC local radio stations and to try to get a QSL.
Good star spotting
73 Steve Whitt, MWCircle via Kari Kallio in nordx (2021-04-24)


KUAM 630 kHz began STA operation at 6 PM local time Wednesday, with 2 kW.  Operation will continue, although it may be somewhat irregular due to additional ongoing work on the temporary transmitting system.
Ben Dawson (2021-04-23)


Sunspot AR2816 has produced another solar flare–this time a C3.8-class eruption on April 22nd (0435 UT). A pulse of X-rays and UV radiation ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, producing a minor shortwave radio blackout over southeast Asia. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a shock wave rippling away from the blast site; this suggests a CME is heading our way.
Stay tuned for updates.
Mike Terry to WOR (2021-04-22)

United States

Midwest Communications News/Talk 1470 WMBD/100.3 W262BY Peoria IL has announced a schedule revamp.

Compass Media Networks’ Markley, Van Camp & Robbins, which was originally based at the station locally before going national, will move from 2-6pm to 12-3pm filling the slot that had been held by Premiere Networks’ Rush Limbaugh. More here
radioINSIGHT (2021-04-22)

United States

The New York area will get a digital only AM next month.
Cumulus Media’s 1230 WFAS White Plains NY filed a digital notification with the FCC on Monday proposing to convert to all-digital as on Monday, May 24. The 1kW AM covers the northern half of the market.
RadioInsight via Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’s CLUB fb group (2021-04-20)