WRN 738 kHz test transmissions.

Today some people reported that they received the test transmissions. Some used this SDR with good reception:
Next test transmissions are planned for Thursday 22nd April on 10:00 UTC to 13:00 UTC.
The operator is interested in reception reports:
Marco (2021-04-20)


Trans World Radio (TWR) will broadcast programs in Russian for the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus at a medium-wave frequency of 864 kHz (transmitter in Armenia with a capacity of 1000 kW) from Monday to Friday from 17.25 to 17.55. TWR also broadcasts on this frequency in Turkmen, Kazakh, Karakalpak languages.
RUS-DX 18 April via WOR (2021-04-18)


666 Antena 1, Castanheira do Ribatejo 2×10 kW, is plagued with the same situation [see Madeira below] of power reduction.   When the old 135 kW Brown Boveri Co. txs were replaced with solid state units, the RDP chose one tx from a USA brand and one from the Canadian NAUTEL; one thereof was kept as stand by tx.  A few years ago, one of those 2 was taken away to replace a rx at some other site.  In the meantime, the only left 10 kW tx at Cast.ª do Ribatejo got a
problem, and the engineers were instructed to put it to work regardless the output: the repair doesn’t allow the tx to deliver the max. power, it’s now with just 3-4 kW, and the modulation is also low. 
The good thing is the size of the tower, but it can hardly compensate for the power & modul. loss… but the RTP administr. says MW is not a field to invest in. 
With a car radio, reception in Lisboa may be clean on 666, but a stronger audio comes from either 630 Montemor-o-Velho or 720 Elvas.
Carlos Gonçalves (2021-04-17)


1530 PEF-Posto Emissor do Funchal, Poiso (Chão dos Balcões), is another example of weak audio, at least at times, and I got the confirmation from them a few years back, explaining the changes at the new tx site wasn’t simply in terms of reduced power to 3 kW (nom. 10 kW) but also a bit of modulation level reduction so as to save components.  The Poiso site replaced the old site at Encruzilhadas, St.º António which became surrounded by houses.
Carlos Gonçalves (2021-04-17)


US AGM relays on mediumwave in Afghanistan after Sept 11 , 2021 ?.
What will happen to the US AGM medium wave transmitters in Kabul and Khost after September 11, 2021?
Can these – afterwards – still be used by the US AGM?
Are there any security problems due to the hostility of the local Taliban organization actions?

Khost Tani/Tanai, 200 kW Harris tx
AFG_Deewa Radio MW Khost Tani Tanai 621 kHz 200 kW 8_April_2010_see BingMaps
Google Earth image totally veiled, but real image seen on BING at 33° 14′ 07″ N  69° 48′ 35″ E
formerly coordinats told wrongly in mw databases, as blown up by local terrorists?
wrongly  G.C. 33° 20’45.45″ N  69° 54′ 04.17″ E  nor on
Wazyan   G.C. 33° 18 15″    N  69° 53  52″ E
01.00-04.00  621 (KHO) VOA DEEW
04.00-13.00  621 (KHO) RFE PK
13.00-19.00  621 (KHO) VOA DEEW

Kabul (Pol-e-Charkhi) 400 kW
AFG_Kabul Pol-e Charki/Udkhel, R Afg 1107 kHz / IBB 1296 kHz
Google Earth   34°32’16.34″N  69°20’19.28″E
12 x FM stns 100.5 MHz
00.30-02.30 1296 (KAB) VOA PASH/DARI
02.30-14.30 1296 (KAB) RFE PA / DA
14.30-17.30 1296 (KAB) VOA PASH/DARI
Wolfgang Bueschel (2021-04-17)

United Kingdom

The BBC deletion is now being clarified although no schedule of closure dates has been released.
The closure of 657kHz Wrexham (which squashed BBC World Service in North West England on 648kHz) will mean that at night presumably listeners in the cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham can enjoy Radio Caroline from Orfordness.
I also am puzzled why the nationwide Lisnagarvey 1341khz outlet is being closed when the 810khz  Radio Scotland and 882kHz Radio Wales 100KW transmitters remain on air.
Also, it appears that AM broadcasting from Wales will end.
Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts (2021-04-15)