TX fault on Radio Patria 1521 kHz.
The fault you can see at this Kiwi Rx in Filakovo, SVK:  
There this QRG is permanently to hear. Tune to 1521 kHz.
1. The offset is about 0.04 kHz
2. The waterfall shows (when zoomed to max) a lot of single carriers with 0.15 kHz around the main QRG. It’s similar to Irans’s jammer against Radio Farda on 1575 in the past.
3. In standard AM mode the px is audible with background noise, in other modes (LSB,USB,SAM,SAS,QAM) it’s wobbling and “dithering”, horribly to hear.
Greetings and best 73s Nils Düwel (2021-05-01)