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WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests.
Well 30 days of 1 hour DX tests were fun! Well tonight the real fun begins! 5 hour FT-8 Tests but with a twist! July 1st through 7th. Midnight EDT (0400 UTC) to 5 AM EDT (0900 UTC) “Hybrid” DX Test. Test will be daytime power, 5kw but into an omnidirectional pattern.
Test material will be limited to CW only at 800 hz, 900 hz, and 1,000 hz along with the simultaneous transmission of FT-8 computer mode transmissions.FT8 is used by amateur radio operators to communicate over long distances at very low power levels. Receiving it is even easier, and can literally be done by putting a microphone from your computer close to your receiver’s speaker. Using FT8 WNJC was received nationwide and in several countries last year. How to get started, try these tutorials or search Google for “Getting Started in FT8.”
July 4th Special Test. On July 4th WNJC will conduct a special Independence Day event starting at 8 PM EDT (00:00 UTC) until 6 AM EDT (1000 UTC).Test material will consist of voice ID’s, jingles, Morse Code IDs, sweep tones, along with special patriotic music and sound effects.
Duke Hamann to WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests FB group (2021-06-30)