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WBAA 920 AM IN sold to WFYI.
Have no actual data but heard a snippet on the news that WBAA has been sold. The first and oldest radio station licensed in Indiana. Was owned by Purdue University and had been an early NPR affiliate. Have no details but evidently Purdue wanted out of the business after all these years and the station has been taken over by WFYI, a PBS TV station and NPR radio station located in Indianapolis.
Have no idea if the studios will be moved elsewhere or not but some employees have been let go though it was stressed that most of the programs on the station now would continue to be available. As I said, it was just a snippet on the news. It was affectionately known as “the sheep station” both because of being owned by Purdue and the call letters. Don’t know if the call letters will change or not. Several years ago a group known as Friends of WBAA started up a HD version of the transmissions possibly on FM but I don’t have any HD radios so never checked it out. Have no idea if this is included in the sale or not.
John Carver, Mid-North Indiana to WOR iog (2021-07-19)