Listening to Super Strength Ethiopian MW 1485 kHz 10kW (WRTVH2021) Negele Borana. As I listened I thought it sounded like Amharic but again more like Somali and so I knew this must be close to the Somalian border, sure enough its in the Oromia region. Incredible for just 10kW. If you listen to the recording you see the MW characteristics of slowly fading down to come back.
Negele (or Neghelle) is a town and separate district in southern Ethiopia. Located in the Guji Zone of the Oromia Region on the road connecting Addis Ababa to Dolo Odo, it is the largest town in the Borena Zone, traditionally inhabited by the Borana Oromo. It has a latitude and longitude of 5°20′N 39°35′ECoordinates: 5°20′N 39°35′E with an altitude of about 1,475 meters above sea level. Negele Borana’s principal importance is that a barrack revolt in this town is considered the first incident of the Ethiopian Revolution.[1] Moyale town is greatly affected by the regional clashes between Borana and the Somali community. It’s believed that Somali community were settled by the Ethiopian government back in 1991 as refugees due to war in Somalia. Ethiopian government have taken little mechanism to address this sole and disturbing issues.(Wikipedia)
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Victor Goonetilleke to WRTH fb group (2021-07-27)