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Oldies KYNO 1430 Moves to 50,000 Watt 940 in Central California.
In Fresno, California, Oldies KYNO 1430 (5,000 watts) and ESPN sports KFIG 940 (50,000 watts) are swapping formats and call letters. At one time, KYNO was a Drake-Chenault station (a la Boss Radio 93/KHJ). The move to 940 makes KYNO the only Oldies station on a 50,000-watt station in the United States. However, the station beams most of its signal to the west.

From the article: “It will become the most powerful oldies station in America, featuring music from the late ‘50s through the early ‘70s all day.”

“There are only 12 full-time 50,000-watt radio stations in California, and only 48 full-time, 50,000-watt stations in the country. And of all those, there isn’t one full-time, 50,000-watt radio station that plays full-time oldies,” he said
“KYNO’s success granted the Program Director Bill Drake and Chenault the credibility to consult more than 300 other radio stations. They consulted KGB in San Diego, KFRC in San Francisco and KHJ in Los Angeles. Drake and Chenault took each station to No. 1.”
Steve Mittman to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group (2021-07-15)


Because of heavy qrm by another HPAM station from the northern part of Holland, Album AM has switched to the back-up frequency 1251 kHz for the time being. I modified the inverted-L antenna, now it is possible to change the spool within 30 minutes or so, a little antenna tuner adjustment and back on-air on either 846 kHz or 1251 kHz.
When interested, read the last blog (Google Translate is your best friend) at www.albumam.nl.
When you like, you can listen to Album AM at http://gti.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073/?f=1251.00amz5
Dick Postma to Medium Wave Circle fb group (2021-07-13)

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KYNO Fresno To Move To 940.
One Putt Broadcasting is moving Oldies 1430 KYNO Fresno to its 50kW 940 signal on Monday, July 19.
940 is currently home to Sports “940 ESPN” KFIG. While the call letters will move to 1430, it is not yet known if the Sports format will move the opposite direction on July 19.
One Putt is tying the move to 940 to the 75th anniversary of the launch of the original 1300 KYNO in 1946. The station was Top 40 from the late 50s until 1980. Then KYNO owner Gene Chenault hired programmer Bill Drake in 1963 leading to the creation of Drake-Chenault Enterprises consultancy that oversaw stations such as KHJ Los Angeles, KFRC San Francisco, WRKO Boston, and CKLW Windsor.
RadioInsight (2021-07-12)


Good reception of IRRS – Milano Italy on 918 Khz on the different KIWI-SDR receivers here in my region, as well on my portable Sangean, outside the noise levels indoors etc., in my garden.
Friday, July  the 9 th, I heard the two interesting DX programs: Wavescan from AWR and Glenn Hausers – World Of Radio, between 22.00 -23.00 local time, 20.00 – 21.00 UTC. So just good old hobby radiolistening in one hour. 
WOR scheduled via IRRS Friday 20.30 UTC., Saterday 18.01 UTC. // 7290 Kostinbrod (Sofia) Bulgaria.
Program also downloadable via www.worldofradio.com
Wavescan is also podcasting via the different internet platforms, even via my platform on which my Sangean WiFi radio is running.
Jumping on that time of the day, in the after dark hours, just 9 Kc up, 927 Khz.  WMR from Denmark audible quit good as well.
Willem Prins HOL (2021-07-12)


Re. Chaine 3 July 8th.
Translated from German by Google:
“However, after midnight, the transmitter was off air again.
Regarding Chaine 3 it has to be said that it has been on the long wave very irregularly for months. The interruptions now on can be from very short up to several hours and sometimes even days.
From Algeria, Radio Algeria International is also on the 891 kHz Off Air. Radio Algeria International can currently only be received on the 531 kHz.
On the other hand, it is regrettable that Jil-FM from Algeria can only be received to a very limited extent on 549 kHz due to interference from Ukraine and Slovenia, because Radio Algeria International was switched to 531 kHz, which Jil-FM was previously able to use.”
Original text:
Jedoch nach Mitternacht war der Sender abermals aus der Luft.Bei Chaine 3 muss leider gesagt werden, er ist seit Monaten sehr unregelmäßig auf der Langwelle eingeschaltet. Die Unterbrechungen können von jetzt auf gleich ganz kurzzeitig bis hin zu mehreren Stunden und teilweise auch Tagelang sein. 
Aus Algerien ist ebenfalls Radio Algerien International auf der 891 kHz Off Air. Radio Algerien International ist somit derzeit nur auf der 531 kHz zu empfangen. 
Bedauerlich hingegen ist, Jil-FM aus Algerien auf der 549 kHz nur noch sehr eingeschränkt wegen Interferrenzen aus der Ukraine und Slowenien empfangen zu können, weil Radio Algerien International auf der 531 kHz aufgeschaltet wurde, die zuvor Jil-FM nutzen konnte. 
Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2021-07-09)

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WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests.
“Duke Hamann, you’ve made WNJC famous for DXers now, and I for one would love to hear what the future holds – if you know, and can talk about it. Is the transmitter/antenna site still in jeopardy? Are there plans for the station if you lose access to that land? Can we hope for another round of fancy DX tests in the fall?”
Bill Owens in WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests fb group (2021-07-08)

We are still in limo. Need to do some transmitter work as I can’t get over 3000 watts currently. Planning for something for the entire month of October with another big Halloween show!
Duke Hamann to WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests fb group (2021-07-08)