Radio stations 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, and 6PR will ramp up local content with new traffic reports every 10 minutes in the key Breakfast and Drive shifts.
The move is part of Nine Radio’s strategy of “live and local”.
Nine Radio’s head of content, Greg Byrnes, said: “Nine Radio is the only radio network with local traffic reporters in each market, with deep knowledge of their city’s traffic and accident blackspots, offering the best advice during the commuter rush about how to avoid any traffic snarls. As our biggest cities roar back to life, our listeners will now be getting updates every 10 minutes.”

Radio Today World (2021-10-26)

2GB873 AM DAB+ 9BSydney
3AW693 AM DAB+ 9BMelbourne
4BC1116 AM DAB+ 9BBrisbane, Queensland
6PR882 AM DAB+ 9BPerth, Western Australia

Wikipedia via Ydun Ritz (2021-10-27)

United States

Audacy realigned the programming at its two Sports stations in Miami today.
560 The JoeWQAM Miami has rebranded as “AM 560 Sports” assuming the local programming, while “790 The TicketWAXY South Miami moves to Sports Betting programming utilizing Audacy’s BetQL Network.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-10-26)


Spirit radio 549 am transmitter from Monaghan Ireland has been off air, no reason why if it is off for good or only temporary.

Padraig Gray (2021-10-26)


Abkhazia:  Apsua/Abkhaz Radio was confirmed on the new frequency MW 1296 kHz (ex1350 kHz) on Oct 24 at 1545-1600 UTC & on Oct 25 at 1530-1600 UTC. Songs in Abkhazian with DJ Galina … ID at 1559 UTC, followed by 3 minutes programme in Russian of Avto Radio Moscow & cl/down at 1603 UTC on both days. There were broadcasts from 0500-? UTC & from
1500 UTC but with tiny signal.

Rumen Pankov BUL via Wolfgang Büschel (2021-10-25)


Radio Damascus (ORTAS) on 567 khz also off air about three weeks. The cause can be a technical issue, because before it, the sound quality was really bad. Despite that, the station is announcing, that it is broadcasting on mw band. Now it is only one freq of this station, other are off air for some years, due to war in this country.

666 khz which also belongs to ORTAS (state media corporation) relays the “Sawt Al-Shabab” – The voice of youth.
On 1071 khz Radio Al-Nour, which belongs to the Lebanese Shia community. This freq has no regular timetable of broadcasting.

Alexei Lubich (2021-10-25)

United States

A pair of Mississippi signals have had their licenses revoked after a competitor claimed that the stations were not operating within legal parameters.
In April 2020, Delta Radio Network owner Larry Fuss submitted informal objections against the license renewals for Donald Pugh’s Eternity Media Group’s 99.5 WETX Vardaman and 1540 WKXG Greenwood MS. In his objections Fuss noted that WETX was never built, but filed for a license to cover in 2017 and a renewal in 2020, while WKXG was not utilizing the longwire antenna specified in its active STA, but rather by “taking turns” on the tower of Christian Broadcasting of Greenwood’s 1240 WGRM Greenwood or not operating at all.
After inquiries to show proof of legal operation at either station went unanswered, the FCC has cancelled both licenses for failing to operate within 365 days at legal parameters without a legal STA.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-10-24)


Solar activity is low. However, the continued development of strangely magnetized sunspot AR2887 suggests that solar flares might be in the offing. NOAA forecasters say there is a 10% chance of M-flares during the next 24 hours.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2021-10-25)


Religious radio station Radio Eli, broadcast on a medium-wave frequency of 1035 kHz via a transmitter (100 kW) in Estonian Kavastu, has been forced to reduce its broadcast hours since mid-September. Now programs in Russian are broadcast from 17.00 to 01.00 Moscow time. Earlier, Radio Eli had a morning broadcast on 1035 kHz from 06.00-10.00 Moscow time.
“Due to the sharp rise in the price of electricity by 4 times, we were forced to significantly cut broadcasting at medium frequencies of 1035 KHz. Now you can listen to us on medium frequencies only from 18.00–00.00. We are praying and looking for new funding channels to continue this ministry, ”the radio station said on its VKontakte page.
A 200 kW transmitter for broadcasting Radio Eli was installed in Kavastu (Estonia) in May 2010. The broadcasting radius is from 500 to 2000 km, which allows you to reach the Baltic States, north-west of Russia, the entire territory of Belarus and the northern part of Ukraine.

Igor Kolke, Moscow, Russia / in RUS-DX Oct 24 via (2021-10-24)

United Kingdom

“For the past few years, the BBC’s long wave transmitters (but not the MW transmitters) have been partially funded by the electricity industry in order to provide the Radio Teleswitch Service, which uses phase information in the long wave transmissions to switch ‘Economy 7’ electricity meters between day and night modes. This arrangement was originally due to end in 2020. However, due to delays in smart meter installation, the contract has been extended several times and currently expires on 31 March 2023. Further extensions are possible. However, once the Radio Teleswitch Service ends, it is likely that the Radio 4 Long Wave network (including the MW transmitters) will close.”
Future of AM Radio, Frequency Finder website, last amendment April this year.

Mike Terry to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2021-10-24)