In the latest issue of “Radioset”, Vadim Alekseev spoke about the current state of affairs in the restoration of WRN broadcasting on medium waves.
“One of the proposed options is to buy out the retransmission facility. Are ordinary radio amateurs ready to take part in crowdfunding?
Radio Grid program. Radio listener. Announcement INTERVIEW – MAGAZINE CONNECT IX Conference Communication in the Russian North.”

In the next issue of “Radioset” Vadim Alekseev somewhat clarified the situation around the test broadcast of the “World Radio Network” through the Noginsk radio center.
“Immediately after the tests, all our further activities at this facility were banned by the management of the Moscow branch of RTRS and all our attempts were unsuccessful. […] we are working on returning air, now in new conditions, although it is a pity for the money and time spent. And while there is hope, we want the listeners to have this hope, so we really hope that the listeners will not abandon us and will continue to support […] A variant not related to RTRS is being worked out. “
(Alex Miatlikov, Ukraine / “deneb-radio-dx“)

About WRN and average waves in the Moscow region from 3 to 12 minutes.
As far as you can understand, RTRS is going to demolish / sell everything.
WRN is looking for other sites, or someone will buy out the existing ones.

RUS-DX 14 Nov via WOR iog (2021-11-16)