Transnistrian Radio Television Center. One of the few in the countries of the former USSR who has retained its activities to this day. Since 2007, the owner of the transmitting facility is Russia – FSUE RTRS (“Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network”)
It is located near the village of Mayak, Grigoriopol region of the PMR. It is a town-forming enterprise for the village.
In the best years, the center’s workload for medium-wave and short-wave broadcasting was 23 hours a day. Nowadays, albeit with an incomplete load, the center is alive and the transmissions from its antennas sound on the air.
There are various antenna feeder systems in the center, but the most famous is the swivel antenna for short waves, built in 1980 and in use today. The antenna can transmit power of 1000 kW (1 MW) through itself and work anywhere in the world.
The antenna’s sister in Transnistria was in Bulgaria (Parsko radio center)
Dismantled, like the radio center itself, in 2012.

Broadcasting on medium waves:
621 kHz – Radio Prednestrovie (Radio 1 plus)
999 kHz / 1548 kHz – Transworld Radio (broadcasts in different languages)
1413 kHz – Vesti-fm
It will not be difficult to hear these transmissions on an ordinary receiver.
The center employs excellent specialists who maintain the equipment at a decent level.
Medium-wave broadcasting from the center can be clarified here – ..
Shortwave –

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