Pirate radio station “Free Waves Bay1575 kHz has already been registered in the well-known database of MW broadcasters – :
RUS / Radio Free Waves Bay / Smolensk / 2 kW / unlicensed, vf, ex Radio Komintern, QTH based on tentative df, power estimated.

Heard very loudly in Minsk (during the daytime as a local)

“We know our content is being broadcast on air. The main frequencies are 3940 kHz (presumably a converted military transmitter from the side, traveling on wheels from the Chernobol zone, possibly remotely controlled). Frequency 1575 kHz (Presumably, the power is about 2 kW and the source of the broadcast is in the swamps of St. Petersburg).
The reported frequency is 7300 kHz. There is a message about the broadcast at a frequency of 1777 kHz and the desire to continue it. We know for sure that there is broadcasting on FM, but we will not give
either the frequency or the location, since we only take into account AM. If there are other frequencies, then you can tell us, it may make sense to post information about the reception (reports) and about
these frequencies. We remind you that we do not have our own transmitter, but we answer letters with reports, at least out of courtesy to the correspondents and respect for the successes of our repeaters. About a hundred of these cards have already been sent out.
All editions of our programs can be listened to and downloaded on the
website under the heading Listen and download”.
Vadim Komarov

RUS-DX via Glenn Hauser to WOR iog (2021-11-28)